Press Release: RDL Introduces 8 New Dante™ Endpoints at InfoComm 2017

RDL is pleased to announce the introduction of 8 Dante networked audio endpoints. The products are part of the new SysFlex™ Series. The SysFlex series is a family of A/V modules providing complex interface solutions at the click of a connector. SysFlex modules provide connectorized interface between data networks and analog and digital audio devices, networked and conventional amplifiers and other application-specific solutions. In RDL’s tradition of versatility, SysFlex modules can be used right where they are needed: Rack-mounted, Surface-mounted, or unmounted. They are light-weight, compact and easy to install with simple, straightforward switch settings and LED indicators. Modules quickly snap into the SysFlex rack mount and each is firmly secured with a single screw. The SysFlex racking system segregates network and power wiring from the audio and digital audio connectors.

For connectorized network audio endpoints and A/V system components that provide unparalleled performance and advanced features without giving up simplicity and ease of installation, SysFlex is the industry’s best value.

New SysFlex products being introduced at InfoComm 2017:

  • SF-BNC2 Bidirectional Unbalanced Stereo Audio Network Interface - Converts Two Unbalanced Line-Level Audio Sources to Dante Network Channels and Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to Unbalanced Line Level
  • SF-DN4 Digital Audio to Network Interface - Converts Two Left/Right Digital Audio Sources to Four Dante Network Audio Signals
  • SF-ND2 Network to Digital Audio Interface - Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to Left/Right Digital Audio
  • SF-NH1 Network to Stereo Headphone Amplifier - Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to a Stereo Headphone
  • SF-NL2 Network to Audio Interface - Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to Balanced Analog
  • SF-NP40D Network to 40 W Stereo Power Amplifier - Converts Two Dante Network Audio Signals to two 20 W Outputs into 8 Ohms
  • SF-UN1 USB to Network Interface - Converts Left and Right USB Audio Channels to two Dante Network Channels
  • SF-XMN4 Microphone to Network Interface - Converts Four Standard XLR Mic or Line Audio Sources to Dante Network Channels

Also included in the series are a 19” rack adapter (SF-RA1) for mounting multiple SysFlex modules as well as a microphone stand mount (SF-MSM1) for mounting one SysFlex module to a microphone stand. RDL recommends subscribing to Dante product e-mail updates at to receive a notification when SysFlex products begin shipping.

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