LED Anzeige - gelb - Schraubanschlüsse

ams-ledy_r.jpgams-ledy_installed.jpgStandard D-Form Ausschnitten
ams-ledy_f.jpgams-ledy_r.jpgams-ledy_installed.jpgStandard D-Form Ausschnitten


  • Montage in Standard D-Form Ausschnitten
  • Montage in allen AMS Montagerahmen
  • Montage in RDL Decora Wandmontageplatten
  • Breite Pallette von AMS Zubehör erhältlich
  • Zierrahmen für professionelles Aussshen
  • Bietet flexible Montagemöglichkeiten von Anschlüssen und Reglern

Weitere Information

About AMS


AMS products are AV connectors, user interfaces and indicators that mount behind the front panel of industry products that provide D-style cutouts, including RDL Decora®-style wall plates . The front plate and bracket are constructed of black satin powder coated steel. A black plastic bezel is provided to finish the D-style cutout hole when the product is mounted. Wiring connections for all audio and control products are made using terminal blocks.

AMS products are ideal for use in a wide variety of A/V systems where professional quality connections, attractive aesthetics and ease of installation are required.

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  • European Sales & Support
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