Versatile Touch-Activated Pushbutton

Versatile Touch-Activated Pushbutton

Versatile Touch-Activated Pushbutton

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The AMS-TS1 Illuminated Touch-Activated Pushbutton is a versatile interface used to initiate functions such as MUTE or OVERRIDE in automatic mixers and digital audio signal processors. It can be integrated with virtually anything that can be controlled by an Open Collector (pull to ground).  Integral red and green LED’s indicate the status of the pushbutton.

Unlike mechanical switches, the AMS-TS1 is operationally silent and intended for use in the vicinity of open microphones. It is rear-mounted to the same D-Style cutouts used for audio connectors on wall plates and rack panels. The pushbutton has two outputs which are inverse to each other. When one is low (pulled to ground) the other is high. The outputs can be configured in one of three installer-selected modes:

  • TOGGLE – touch on, touch off
  • MOMENTARY – active while touched
  • PULSE – active for 125 mS upon each touch

Control of the red and green LED indicators is installer selectable for internal or external operation. In external mode, the indicators can be turned off and on by dry contacts or the Open Collector outputs of the device being controlled. When operating in internal mode, the button illuminates green when the output is active and red when inactive.



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