Press Release: RDL to Introduce a Suite of Dante-enabled Audio Products at InfoComm 2015

RDL is pleased to announce the introduction of a suite of Dante™-enabled products at InfoComm 2015. The new products will provide flexibility, economy and simplicity to Dante networked audio systems.

The products will interface standard microphone and line-level audio signals, and the entire group of RDL FORMAT-A endpoints to a Dante audio network.

Dante is a complete, reliable solution for high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with ultra-low latency and sub-microsecond synchronization accuracy.

RDL’s FORMAT-A system is a proven industry-standard family of compatible products that send, receive and distribute audio over standard CATx cable and connectors. The integration of Dante audio networking with FORMAT-A endpoints provides several unique advantages:

  • Locate each mic and line input or output endpoint exactly where it is needed
  • Daisy chain multiple audio endpoints through a single CATx home run
  • Select from a comprehensive array of endpoints including amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, mic/line XLR and stereo audio wall plates
  • Overcome the distance limitations of IP networks with FORMAT-A modules while using standard CATx cable and connectors
  • Simplify the installation and reduce equipment cost with FORMAT-A/Dante integration

FORMAT-A products include a popular array of more than 60 standard and customizable Decora®-style, rack-mount and utility-mount endpoints and user interfaces.

Other new Dante-enabled products interface any OEM product or jack plate, and RDL and OEM power amplifiers and mixers to a Dante network. The products being introduced at InfoComm will be available in PoE (Power over Ethernet) and non-PoE models.

“RDL has been grateful for industry recognition and acceptance as the leader in signal interface for 3 decades. As the industry has moved toward embracing Dante as the preferred networking standard, RDL has developed a broad offering of Dante products to meet everyone’s interface needs. We have a unique position as a U.S. manufacturer of economical, high-quality wall-mounted preamps and jack plates, as well as having a devoted following in the digital audio and studio markets, to incorporate Dante connectivity,” says Joel Bump, President of RDL.

“We are glad to contribute to the convergence of AV/IT and share our expertise with RDL” states Lee Ellison, Audinate’s CEO. Ellison adds, “RDL has an aggressive plan to connect their wide variety of products into integrated systems using Dante.”

RDL will be displaying its new Dante-enabled products at InfoComm 2015, booth # 359. These products will also be on display at Audinate’s AV Networking World (AVNW) training seminar on June 16th at InfoComm 2015.

To learn more about the suite of Dante-enabled products being introduced at InfoComm 2015, please stop by InfoComm booth # 359 and visit

RDL is a leading manufacturer of electronic audio, video, control and interface products. Its products are distributed worldwide for use in commercial and residential audio and video installations and in broadcast and recording facilities.

Dante provides manufacturers and users alike with a full suite of tools and capabilities for full plug-and-play operation, including automatic device discovery, software-based signal routing, and complete integration with PCs.

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