Audio Input Chassis for SourceFlex Distributed Audio System



  • Audio input chassis for SourceFlex Audio System
  • Accepts 8 balanced or unbalanced sources
  • Separate paging input and closure contacts
  • Programmable for maximum number of sources used
  • Supports SAS-8C or SAS-82 SourceFlex controllers
  • Controls 4 SourceFlex listening stations
  • Provision to set maximum listening level at each station
  • Auto-resetting fuse protects power feed to each listening station

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Power Supply Not Included
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The SourceFlex Audio System is an integrated set of products used to configure cost-effective, expandable audio monitoring. SourceFlex gives users the option to select from up to 8 audio sources, adjust the volume, and listen with impeccable clarity. Source switching equipment is all electronic. Monitoring stations are ruggedly constructed, easily maintained, and cosmetically attractive.

Each system requires rack-mounted SourceFlex input and audio control chassis’, plus SourceFlex listening stations. Each station provides source selection and volume control at a user’s location. Styles of listening stations include wall mounted for overhead speakers, table mounted with internal speakers, handlebar or surface mounted for use with headphones, and more.

The SourceFlex system consists of switching equipment and options which may be added to in the future. The system is wired to avoid the problems associated with recharging and signal interference in wireless distribution. A SourceFlex system is simple to install and provides years of reliable service with expandability. SOURCEFLEX products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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