Chime generator, message repeater and paging modules
Audio attenuators
Line-level crossover, subwoofer crossover and audio filters
Balanced and unbalanced line-level audio and microphone-level distribution amplifiers
Transient suppressor, RF filter and copper grounding bar
Stereo headphone amplifiers and distribution amplifiers in a variety of form factors.
Unbalanced to balanced converters, balanced to unbalanced converters, audio line amplifiers and telephone system coupler
Precision audio level meter
Microphone preamplifiers, phantom power adapters, microphone-level / line-level distribution amplifiers
Microphone-level and line-level audio mixers and passive audio divider / combiner products
Stereo phonograph preamplifier
Mono and stereo audio power amplifiers ranging from 2 Watts to 40 Watts, headphone amplifiers, intercom amplifier and music on hold amplifier
Equalizers, automatic level control modules, audio delay, compressor / limiter, gain control amplifier and gated speech preamplifier
12 channel line-level or speaker-level audio monitor panel
White and pink noise generator and audio oscillators
2 Watt rack-mount speaker
Line-level and microphone-level audio switchers and audio controlled relays
Isolation transformers, input transformers, balanced to unbalanced transformers, unbalanced to balanced transformers, speaker level input interface, and line level to mic transformer
Voltage controlled attenuators and amplifiers and 0 to 10 Vdc ramp generator
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